having bred over thirty puppies that have been docked ,whith no problems at all,i think the ban should be lifted.

the arguments against docking were badly flawed but had the ear of bodies that did not want to listen to the voice of reason.

bodies such as the council of docked breeds,british association for shooting and conservation,and thousands of dog owners and handlers.

i love my dogs and certainly would not do anything to cause them any pain

the most idiotic part of the ban was to exclude legaly docked dogs from shows where the public had to pay an entry fee,but its ok to show them if the public dont pay.

this excludes dogs being enterd at crufts which i feel is very unfair

the argument that docked dogs cannot express themselves is also daft just look at the tail wag on a cocker spaniel

please support repeal of this unnecessary law,and leave dog wellfare to those that passionately care about dogs

Why is this idea important?

my idea is important because it will right agreat wrong imposed on thousands of dog lovers by a vociferous few.

it wil also stop badley damaged tails on dogs that do not easily heal and often have to be amputated in later years.

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