Repeal the immigration quotas recently announced, and reform the immigration system to appear more welcoming to foriegners wishing to create or invest in UK business and marry UK born citizens.

Why is this idea important?

4 years ago my human rights were infringed by the labour party's home secretary who implemented restrictions on who I could marry. I am british born UK citizen, and I was told that I could not marry my fiancee because her student visa had less than 6months left on it. Although I had worked as a professional for 11years, I was about to start a medical degree, and thus my income was about to drop; so when she was forced to return to her home country, the system prevented us from marrying due to perceived low income and thus difficulty obtaining a fiancee visa.

This was a direct abuse of **MY** HUMAN RIGHTS as a UK citizen of being able to choose who I wish to marry. HOW DARE THE STATE TELL ME I CANNOT MARRY WHO I WANT TO!!!!! The home office regulation was later overturned by the european court of human rights, however by that time it had ruined my relationship by the distance it forced upon us and the "you are not welcome to the uk" message it gave my then fiancee.

The current image given by the conservatives of placing a quota on non-EU immigrants including the english language requirement is another badly thought out policy turning away good people from the UK economy. Whilst restrictions on those who want to exploit our goodwill are waranted, I'd rather have an immigrant with skills who WANTS TO WORK and PAY TAX, than a useless uk born educated welfare dependant never want to work in their life slob that we are creating. Perhaps we should tackle the latter first than start implementing racist, reactionary and ill thought out "Daily Mail" propaganda type regulations and legislation.

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