Britains Freedoms and Traditions have been created through the centuries and are based on our ancient Constitution, which has yet to be codified.  The fact that no-one in Government is even interested nor has found the time to do so in the 21st Century is shameful and a sad reflection on today's politicians, who appear to have little or no knowledge of our history.  The fact that many countries around the world have used much of our Constitution to create their own, speaks for itself.  European countries on the other hand alter their Constitutions whenever they have a change of Government, what does that tell you?   

It is a fact that Britain's Freedoms and Traditions cannot be restored until we come out of the European Union because the continental way of life is totally different from ours.  In fact this was confirmed by one of the Roux brothers on BBC T.V. recently when he said he came to live in Britain because he liked the way of life and the freedoms that it gave him; he also went on to say that the E.U. was passing laws and creating leglisation that was unlawfully taking away the protections and freedoms that the British citizen had always enjoyed and it was totally undemocratic.  Good for Mr. Roux I say – well done!

Why is this idea important?

It is important because it would restore Britain's place in the World, people would again respect what we stand for, whether it is Inventing, Engineering, or just good old "British Standards", that used to appear on all our products.  People knew when they bought a British product it could be relied upon and they were more inclined to buy this product than one made anywhere else.


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