The Hunting Act was the single largest waste of Parlimentary time during the last Government. It was not introduced to improve Animal Welfare but simply camouflaged as such to hide the true Class discrimination that was so blatantly behind it. Not only is it unworkable but it Crimalises Law Abiding Citizens and wastes Police and Courts time to placate those people who believe that everydoby who rides a horse in the countryside is a "Toff" .

It has been shown by a Government Enquiry that it has no purpose and no evidence was given to prove Hunting is less Humane than any other methods of controlling the numbers of animal species that no longer have natural preditors.

Why is this idea important?

Repealing this unworkable Law is important because it was introduced for the wrong reasons and does not achieve it's stated objectives of reducing Animal suffering. It only restricts the activities and erodes the Civil Liberties of people who care for the countryside and the Animals within it.

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