The Hunting Act 2005 should be repealed. It was a piece of legislation that was based on lack of understanding or misunderstanding.

Why is this idea important?

The repeal of the act is important to the countryside, to fauna and flora and to the population of great britain. The countryside is managed by many organisations and buisinesses. The RSBP and the National trust cannot run all of our countryside the majority of our countryside is run and managed by farmers and rural estates. These people have generations of experience. By managing land to support game shooting, hare coursing and fox hunting many of our rarest plants, flowers, birds, mammals and fish flourish. By taking this option away a huge blow was dealt on the countryside and its custodians We should not be prejudiced on class many lower class manual workers are involved or recieve reward from hunting. Secondly it is not cruel most dispatches are far superior than poisons. If you want a real countryside in Great Britain revert back to before the hunting ban. Our countryside will be a better place and our residents will be able to excercise their rights. 

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