By repealing the hunting act, the government would stimulate the rural economy and allow those who are doing no harm to anyone to continue the traditions of rural Britain.

Why is this idea important?

The rural economy is suffering and needs the boost that repealing the hunting law would give.

This was a law which was imposed by people who were totally separate and removed from rural affairs. It was based on an inaccurate and distorted notion of hunting that was miles from the true picture of rural life, and was actioned by those who feel it necessary to attribute 'human' qualities to animals, which is completely ridiculous!

Tradition and respect are paramount to a respectful society, and so by allowing a traditional way of life to continue, we would be celebrating all that is British, which is so important in embracing our multicultural society.

 Surely the time and money that was spent on imposing such a unfair and discriminatory law would have been better spent on initiatives in inner city areas to reduce knife crime and gang culture – for surely this is where the country's REAL problems lie

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