At the present time anyone can get a knock on the door and find themselves charged with 'inconsiderate driving' (whatever that is) based on 'a witnesses report'  and can have their vehicle seized without any opportunity to defend yourself and without knowing your accuser and without the attending officer even listening to anything you might want to say. The authority to do this even extends to the young (18?) Community Support Officers who have no maturity, no experience of life and no integrity.

This system as it stands is open to abuse and bias and yes some police are biased -they are human with all the human failings. 

In a country once renowned for its fair play and justice to be told you will have your vehicle seized by an immature (boy) police at the door and you may not seek redress in court where your accuser must give evidence and you may respond is quite outrageous.

This law is a gross violation of 'innocent until provn guilty'. 

Why is this idea important?

Most menbers of the public will not be aware of this law and will be shocked as i was to learn there is no redress in court. The police are literally judge. jury and executioner and you are condemned and guily without even an opportunity to speak – this is not justice but is a gross violation of civil liberties.

It is open to bias from the police and will and unless applied with skill. experience and maturity does bring the police into disrepute with the ordinary decent members of motoring public who are already criminalised simply for owning a car.

There is a perception amongst motorists (myself included) that we are an easy risk free target.

Civil liberties must not be eroded in this manner.Justice must be seen to be done.

It is anotjher step on the route to a police state and not a healthy sign for the country with a reputation for being the Mother of democracy

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