Currently the police can seize a persons passport without an order of the court specifically allowing them to do so. Without a passport a person is  prevented from going abroad, prevented from ,saddly today, getting a bank acccount, prevented from getting or changing their job, prevented from getting a solictor to act for them, prevented from getting a mortgage.

Why is this idea important?

The ability of the police to seize passports without the Court specifically  ordering them to do is an attack on basic human rights and must not be allowed to continue.


  1. The police have taken mine for 3months now and today they plan on re bailing me, I was suppose to go on holiday the day after I got arrested and they said they would let me go the same day as I had no connection in the crime I was getting asked about instead they release me exact same time when my flight was suppose to go they didn’t bother ringing my parents to tell them I’m getting released but came to my house n took my passport I am sick of uk police thinking they have the right to do whatever they want and this has to stop before it gets out of hand even more

  2. Without a written extraordinary (above the government) constitution UK police are able to do according to the policy set by the police commissars until a judge tells them not to do it, or Parliament or a municipal council changes the policy.
    Seizing passports is necessary to impede persons of interest from escaping. However they should have an administrative hearing to ensure that they are not being seized (seizing one’s passport is seizing that person) without just cause. Administrative hearings should be appealable to the regular judicial courts.

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