The Water  Act enables a widespread programme of water fluoridation to take place across England and Wales, by  forcing water companies to add hexafluorosilic acid to the water supply if the local NHS chiefs tell them to.

It forces people en masse to drink and wash with artificially fluoridated water.

It is uses precious NHS resources unwisely.




Why is this idea important?

There are two main threats to civil liberties here:

1) This Act requires the regional NHS bosses( SHA)  to consult the local population before making their deciision  to fluoridate or not to fluoridate; but it does not require them to take any notice of the local population's opinion.  Furthermore, even if a majority agree, those who do not wish to drink and wash with fluoridated water are forced to do so.

At best this is forced medication for some and it is forced poisoning for others ( see second point below).  In Southampton, over 70% of those who responded expressed a view against fluoridation of the water supply, and that was in the face of a massive – and massively expensive –  ( using tax payers' money) pro-fluoridation propaganda exercise by the Primary CareTrust.) 

2) The Act also indemnifies water companies against being sued by an individual who claims he or she has been harmed by the addition of the artificial fluoride.  For example it has been documented that various categories of people may be harmed, and certainly young babies are harmed – effectively poisoned –  by the addition of this chemical even at the low concentration being suggested ( up to1 part per million) as it brings their total intake including from other sources to a dangerous level.  Certain livestock are also harmed and even killed by it. 

Thus, the indemnity afforded by the Act takes away the right of an individual whose health has been harmed or whose livestock have been harmed or killed and thus their livelihood destroyed, from seeking redress.


The repeal of this Act would save a massive amount of money.

The halting of the programme of consultations and decision-making by the various SHAs ( presumably to be the PCTs after the abolition of SHAs)  and the Welsh Assembly would also save the NHS millions.  Massive amounts of subsidy are needed to pay the Water Companies to buy and install and maintain new equipment to enable fluoridation, and there is also the cost to the NHS of fighting challenges. In Southampton, the NHS  has set aside £400,000  to fight a legal challenge to the Consultation.  This a scandalous use of NHS money.



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