-increase the legal age for drinking from 18 to 21 similar to America.

-limit licensing to major retailers and specialist stores only

-make it possible for shops, bars, clubs to conduct very limited profiling on person based on their past drinking offenses, anti social behavior and if they are pregnant therefore requiring police to hold record of offenders

-issue fines for drinking offenses including to offer drink to a minor

-increase fines and criminal categorization of anti-social behavior

-make license plates digitally scannable by police, breathlyzer testing, to reduce drunken driving and other criminal offenses

-stop retailers from discounting alcohol, increase tax of alcohol after a certain time and more during weekends perhaps based on consumption rates

-make parents more socially responsible for minors

-more clarity and security for people against sexual assult, harassment and other offenses as a result of drinking

-increase criminal categorization of hooliganism

-evaluate other eu countries to erradicate problem

-provide a separate service that controls and resolves anti-social behavior

-provide for better accessibility to emergency contact services for potential assult and rape victims

-increase fines for public littering such as in singapore etc

-better labelling of health warnings on alcoholic beverages

-disallow open containers of alcohol in moving vehicles

-offer a 3 tier system of selling alcohol

-restrict some retailers from stocking certain stronger or more popular beverages if they do not follow the law

-limit the use of alcohol in public places in parks, beaches etc after a certain time or completely.

-provide more information on depression and alcohol related illnesses

Why is this idea important?

Binge drinking culture is risky to the future of UK. Underage drinking and crime is on increase.

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