To return to a general law of "due-cause" for any officials, including police, to be able to stop, inspect, search, or otherwise impede the free movement of law abiding citizens, rather than the increasing culture of treating everybody as "guilty until proven innocent"!

Let's just find another way (nothing wrong with covert), or even live wit the risk?

For example (say), indiscriminative, or random, use of "whole body monitors" at airports, better still scrap those, any form of random bag search, or search of person, and of course, most of the thousands of CCTV cameras, particularly for the likes of councils!

Why is this idea important?

Because freedom of the individual, which of course does NOT mean being able to do whatever you like with no regard for your fellow person, or neighbour, was what made Britain great, and more importantly was what my father, and many like him, literally fought for.

Britain used to be the "most free society in the world"!

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