A few years ago hand the firearms acts were tightned, now I know that because of the gun attacks in the Lake District and northumbria there are I am sure going to people who want all guns banned. But the banning of handguns hasn't worked infact it did exactly what I am I am sure many other said at the time. It made things worse not better, there are still handguns being used by criminals but where as before the police could take any gun that was found after a murder and check it against a database to see who owned it last now they only have an outdated database.

Before the ban on handguns was introduced there had only been maybe a hundred deaths caused by people with handguns since the 2nd world war but since the ban there has been upto 20 a year. Tighten Gun Laws add restictions but don't ban.  The UK used to have a firearms manufacturing sector which built some to the best guns in the world now even the replica firearms industry is being put out of buiness by laws. 

Guns don't kill people the man or woman who points and the fires the gun is the one whose doing the killing.  I mean if we banned everything that killed more than 20 people a year then the Cars, Buses, Lorries, Trains and even aeroplanes would have been banned years ago!

And cars are one of the most dangerous weapons there is! "Not only can they kill but while a bullet can only go in one direction a car can have its direction changed, guarenteing that it hits and kills a victim.  And you can't just ban something bacause it might be dangerous.

Why is this idea important?

The UK used to have one of the best manufacturing sectors in the world, we were able to build everything we needed ourselves but now pretty much everything sold in the UK comes from either the fareast. Made in the UK has almost been completely banished from everything you can buy. We can't bring everything from tha past back and lets face it why would we want to I mean, not everything from the past was good. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to make the best at some of the things that we were great at.

Firearms are a very good place to start unfortunately we still have wars around the world and wars do bring benefits to some, if you design and build firearms in a country that doesn't allow them to used in the country they are built it the manufacturer can't use local money to inovate.

In short because Made in the UK should be on everything including guns of all shapes and sizes, and that includes handguns.

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