Repeal the section and any dependents.  You wont, of course.  That wont suit you.

Why is this idea important?

… cumpulsorily requires the keeper of a vehicle to disclose the identity of the driver of a speeding car.  This is, of course, self incrimination in the vast majority of cases and contrary to the priciple against self incrimination.

Of course the weasel word retort to that arguement is that the identity of the driver is just one of a large number of evidential points that the prosecution has to prove to get a conviction.  It is further argued that the penalty for not naming the driver is proportionate and that naming is in the public interest of making the roads safer.

Presumably when an individual is caught on town centre CCTV stabbing a murder victim a similar arguemnt applies.

i. It is in the public interest to prevent murder;

ii If you don't name the user of the knife then a maximum term of life would be a proportionate punishment.

iii. So we known that Joe Bloggs was murdered on the 25th, that your mate has said it was you and we have an image on CCTV of someone weilding the knife at Bloggs and that Bloggs died from stabb wounds (etc etc).

All we need from you is for you to confirm it was you weilding the knife.  If you dont we'll lock you up.

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