Child tax credits should be scrapped and instead free nurseries provided for children of working parents. This would save a lot of benefits paid out to people who can’t be bothered to go back to work as they are better off on benefits. This scheme would also encourage people to go back to work and would provide extra workplaces, as additional nurseries would need to be provided (this would be financed from the benefits saved, and from taxes paid by the working parents).

Full pay maternity leave should be extended to 6 months, and after that free nursery would be provided for the children of working parents.

Why is this idea important?

This is important for the economy as well as for the parents, to allow them to go back to work without paying huge amount of money (very often more than one salary) for childcare. On the other hand, it would save money paid in benefits to those who decided to stay at home because they cannot afford childcare. It would also create jobs and overall help the economy. Children also develop better amongst ather children. They are happier and learn faster. The scheme would be beneficial to all.

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