To reinstate   traditional  hunting   in UK.

Why is this idea important?


Fox numbers  are increasing  and numbers need to be controlled.

It is a basic human right to  be able to hunt   and hunting with dogs  goes back  centuries.

The ban on hunting was  carried out  by those who  have little knowledge  of  how the countryside  works best.

Traditional  hunting  provides  employment  in the countryside  where it is needed.

Hunting  is part  of  the culture  of the countryside  and we are all the poorer  with out it.

Hunting  provides  an excellent  way of getting  healthy exercise  and is a very  sociable activity.I must add that I  do not hunt  myself  but feel  that  country people  have been cheated by the ban.

I have just lost 9 hens   due  to Mr  Fox. 


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