the ban should be lifted where it is wanted.  I went to an italian restaraunt this year for a special ocasion a place I love, we all smoke therefore the evening was cut short because we had to go outside to smoke, The evening was spoiled, we would have loved to have spent another few hours chewing the cud, more drinks and a few more cigs but no we were in fact forced to go home and end a great evening abruptly.  Not only did we miss out but so did the vendor as we did not spend any more money!!


Why not have smoking and non smoking venues we can then all please ourselves wher to go, The smoking ban prevents me from going out anymore!!


Ijuust smoke more indoors and it has notpreventing me from smoking just socialising. Thanks for that

Why is this idea important?

Because British pubs are suffering and oursocial life is being affected

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