I wonder if Tony Bliars government bothered about the cost of the smoking ban, I even wondered why they did it, lets look at why in a minute or two, what about the cost…..

Seven pubs closing each day, with all of the assosiated missery that has been caused to good hard working people. The landlord, the bar staff, the cleaners, cooks, often family members, their investment now worthless the government have destroyed thousands of people.

The taxi drivers that no longer take drinkers to pubs or home again, the list is endless and the cost cannot be even estimated.

What about everyy office, factory, shop, etc. For this exercise let us say we have just 4 million smokers employed in Britain, and let us say that in an eight hour day these people want just three cigarettes, at 10 minutes each (and that does not alow time to get to and from a smoking area) that is 30 minutes per day with a five day week two and a half hours per week outside smoking. 50 weeks per year, that is 125 hours per year at £10 per hour that is £1,250 per smoker per year.

If you accept just 4 million that is £5 billion per annum over the last three years £15 billion, that would be handy now wouldn't it. Remeber when the smokers pop outside so do many of the non smokers so as not to miss out on 'Tonys' perk. The true cost of this policy will never be known, in money terms it could wipe out this current debt easily, in terms of lives destroyed, lives lost, businesses clossed down forever, tens of thousands.

Has a single smoker stopped smoking? Possibly, but was it worth it, is it still worth it, what right has any man to tell me to stop smoking my pipe, as I said to one woman who accosted me about my smoke, 'I will sit in my garage all night smoking constantly and in the morning I will be tired and ready for bed, you sit in your garage all night with your car engine running and in the morning you will be dead, which one of us is hurting the planet'. This law, this ban, was wrong and IS wrong and should be repealed immediately.

Why is this idea important?

I believe that the smoking ban was illegal, imoral, and just wrong, prove that the new government are just and fair, if smokers wish to smoke and to use 'smokers' pubs let them.

If smokers wish to smoke at work and they can be segregated from the non smoking, let them.

please comment, remember those of you who say nothing because it does not affect you, when something you do care about is banned you will expect our support. Thanks for reading, a pipe smoker for over 45 years……………..

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