Why are we giving aid to countries that are at war? I understand the need for humanitarian aid, and do not begrudge someone the right to it. I do object to a country spending billions on weapons instead of feeding their citizens. We may be one of the richest countries in the world, ut there are still people who can't afford to heat their homes in winter and die as a result. There are still people who end up on the street because there is not enough social housing. there are still children who will leave school without being able to read and write. Are we happy to sacrifice these people to give a country at war more money.

Why is this idea important?

We are in a financial mess. Although the vast majority of the British public  did not create it, we are all expected to pay the price with cuts to public services, wage cuts, benefit cuts, as well as cuts to the armed forces and the emergency services. Can we really afford to pay for wars that we are not actually involved in? I know it sounds brutal, but did anyone cry out when people lost their  jobs, homes and personal possessions because of the recession?

There are charities who can fill in the gap, and we have a choice whether to give money to those. We do not have a choice which countries give our money to through government aid. It is our money. We have earned it. We should have the right to say where it goes, and where it should not go.

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