Religions exist to create "communities" who follow arbitrary laws just to stay "one of us". They are divisive in society, because they contradict each other, and encourage ignorance of proven facts such as evolution, or even violence against those not in their "community", or obeying their invented rules.

At least a third of all families now ask for a non-religious funeral when people they love die. When taxes are needed for public services for everyone, please will you insist that any "community" wanting a "faith" school pays for it themseves?

Thank you.

Why is this idea important?

Faith schools teach opinions as if they were facts. They make it very hard for children to understand what is factually true, and lead to cynicism in the young about everything.

If this Government cannot afford proper healthcare, housing etc then please do not waste money on propagating a few "leaders'" opinions. If they became private schools, then the money could be spent on services to help everyone.

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