If you want to boast you live in a free country, you can't have laws proscribing recreational drugs.

Admit that there's a recreational drugs industry, regulate, tax and control it just like we do with alcohol and nicotene.  

Why gift a whole industry to thugs and morons, tax-free?

It's insane.

Why is this idea important?

Billions for the exchequer in extra revenue.  

Billions saved fighting "the war on drugs", which we'll always lose. 

A whole new industry with proper jobs and responsible people in charge.

Complete disfranchisement of the thugs and morons that run a huge swathe of the black economy.

Or we can continue the current stupidity, where the two most dangerous things about using drugs is 1 – it can get you thrown into jail, and  2 – you can't guarantee or know the quality or strength of the drugs you're buying.

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