Ban them everywhere even at home as they are a health risk to the smoker and to the passive.

Place huge fines in public places, for smoking at home, and  increase penalties and taxes. Make it difficult for smokers to buy the cigarettes or even to import them as smoking cigarettes is plain stupid. Require public places to have designated areas and time limit or even a charge to use. Cigarettes should be treated as a drug class, banned in most places, and potentially as a criminal offense if it has effected someone or something.

Why is this idea important?

Smoking is a personal choice. But, is a hazard to all.  Smoking also creates a fire hazard and costs taxpayer money from fire service, hospital service etc. Strong health and environmental effects. Civil liberties does not mean that personal choice of a few invades the civil liberties of many. Smokers are also careless at times and are not bothered about burning other peoples clothes. Eradicating smokers involves both stopping adults and from children getting a hold of cigarettes.

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