Dear Sirs,

I feel a law should be introduced to stop stores being able to offer a credit or credit store cards with every sale.

Why is this idea important?

I find myself continually having to argue with sales assistants that I do not want to take out a credit store card when wanting to pay for my goods.

When I make a  purchase, I pay with my bank account debit card and every time I'm told I am missing a chance for a discount for refusing to sign up to a credit store card scheme.

This is not only:

  • causing people to take out credit without taking the time to consider the consequences.
  • re-enforcing an example that its OK to use credit all the time.
  • putting the country to further debt when bills cant be paid.  
  • harassing others that would rather pay directly from their bank accounts.
  • Putting people into debt with outrageous store card interest rates.

If people would like to have a store card, they should be able to ask to apply for one, not have someone try to twist their arm every time they go to the checkout.

Thank you





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