It is obvious that the stop and search powers within this act are not working.

I think I am correct that in one year in London over one thousand children where stopped using anti terror laws, the police will abuse everything given to them.

It is time to try and get the police back under control

I think I am also correct that of the many thousands stopped under this act, the conviction rate is less than one percent of one percent.

Why is this idea important?

It is one of those things, like you can not take pictures of the police, so the person who filmed the police killing someone at the G20 protests, some one who was not a part of that protest, was breaking the law.

The ace card of a police state is, you can do anything to anyone, in the name of anti-terror.

I would like to see the people from "Liberty" and "Amnesty International" incorporated into a panel to advise government.

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