Children with summer birthdays and children who's parents know are not mature enough to cope with school are currently shown no flexibility as to which age year they should attend in school.  Many other countries have no difficulty in allowing children to start school when ready, or to repeat a year if necessary.  In this country, many parents, like myself, have ended up home educating rather than subject their child to what they know will be a damaging childhood.  The rigidity of the rules currently in place is not for the benefit of children – more to do with targets for schools and budgets.  I cannot afford to send my son to a private school, and nor should I have to, in order for him to be allowed to excel in life, instead of being made to feel inadequate from the age of 4.

Why is this idea important?

The current laws turn perfectly normal children into struggling failures from the age of 4.  There is no just cause for this.

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