Drugs persist as problem because it’s possible for criminals to make a profit out of pushing them. As they are controlled by criminals, the price is such that addicts need to commit crimes to feed their habit. Prohibition is not working and hasn’t worked since the laws were passed. Each year the misery crated rough drug trafficking and misuse increases. I was once told only an idiot keeps doing the same ing in the expectation of a different result so why, other than for political gain, do ministers continue with the same sad policies. legalise all drugs and save the costs of dragging addicts through the criminal justice system, pursuing criminals, policing our borders and responding to crimes such as muggings, burglary, prostitution all related to drugs. Let’s save all this money and invest a fraction back into education to prevent misuse in the first place. For those still intent on taking them, make them free thus ensuring the quality, and sterility of related equipment. Offer rehabilitation to all those in need and finally full life tariffs to anyone who is still determined to distribute without any possibility of reduction of sentence. Once the profit is out of drugs ere will be a much reduced incentive for criminals to encourage addiction- no more pushers at the playground gates or in the clubs. Legitimate free supply means legitimate business for the poppy growers in Afghanistan so they won’t be lining the pockets of the Taliban.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is not just important it’s vital. The human misery associated with drugs is enormous. The cost to the country is likewise unacceptable. The current policy just doesn’t work and hasn’t for decades.

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