Police have been stopping people for taking photos in public places. Innocent people have been arrested for taking 'holiday snaps' of well known buildings. 

It's supposed to stop terrorism,  which of course it does not. There are thousands of photos available to terrorists to use for these purposes on the Internet anyway.

It's a waste of police time, bad for tourism, a waste of paper and a waste of money.

The law should go back to allowing people to take photos in any public place.

People have also been arrested for taking photos of police vehicles which have either been parked illegally or been involved in an accident (many insurance companies need photo evidence of accidents). If the police does something illegal or wrong, then  it's only right that we should be allowed to take photos of it. You can't trust the police if they're allowed to brake the law.


Why is this idea important?

It will save police money and help to change our country back into an ever increasing police state that cares little about it's residents or liberties.

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