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Drugalysers to be issued over the next two years to detect drugs such as cocaine and cannabis

Testing kits designed to catch motorists driving while under the influence of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, and ecstasy are to be issued to police over the next two years, the government announced today.

Ministers are due to give details of research funding to develop "drugalysers" which will be initially used in police stations, but later for roadside testing.

The plan follows a review by Sir Peter North, who in June called for tougher drug driving laws and the development of a roadside saliva test for those suspected of driving after taking drugs.

He called for screening devices to be available in police stations within two years to test for drugs including amphetamines, methadone, ecstasy, cocaine, cannabis and heroin.

The testing kits will mean that police officers no longer have to wait for permission from a doctor before a blood test can be taken to be used as evidence in court.

The road safety minister, Mike Penning, said: "This equipment will make it easier for the police to prosecute the irresponsible minority who put the lives of the law-abiding majority at risk.

"We are taking urgent steps to make drug screening technology available as soon as possible."

The Home Office expects to issue manufacturers with a final draft specification by the end of September.

Along with the Department for Transport and the Technology Strategy Board, it also announced a £300,000 investment for further research into drug-testing technology.

The aim is to develop equipment that can test for a wider range of drugs and is suitable for roadside testing.

A Home Office spokesman said: "Motorists who drive while under the influence of drugs are a menace to the roads and we have already given the police powers to test drivers for signs of impairment.

"We also want them to be able to test drivers for drugs in their system. By the end of September we aim to have issued a final draft specification for a testing device, setting out the drugs we want to detect. As soon as manufacturers have produced devices that satisfy our specification, we will approve them for police to use."

Research shows that 10% of drivers aged between 18 and 29 have admitted driving after taking illegal drugs.

So far, no device that meets the Home Office and Department for Transport's requirements has been identified.


Why is this idea important?

so instead of legalizing or at least decriminalizing drugs the governement is going to spend more money in the drug's war despite all the scientitific evidence and the populations demand.

what can we expect with conservatives ? nothing… just look at them in canada they are still trying to harden the drug laws, they are the most stubborn people i have ever seen in my life. and the lib dems in all this ? where are they ? just dogs waving their tails to whatever conservatives say.

so is that your freedom clegg ? i will never ever vote for you again.

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