The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 and its cost on Business

I’d like to make a complaint about The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 and request that it be repealed completely as it does absolutely nothing to stop illegal immigration or illegal workers in the UK, but it does cause a lot of grief and harassment for people who were born in this country, have lived here all their lives and have the lawful right to work here.

The Act costs businesses a lot of time and money chasing documentation and doesn’t provide any remedy or solution for workers who don’t have the identifications being requested, nor are they required to have and hold such identification in law. The Act also does nothing for people like myself who have religious beliefs that are opposed to carrying or using ID of any kind and provides no remedy to threats from employers of dismissal.

The company I work for a year ago started to bombard me with emails requesting that I bring in a passport and birth certificate. I don’t have a birth certificate and at the time my passport was misplaced, as I have not been overseas for 5 years. The company kept demanding these documents and I kept informing them that I don’t have any of the documents they were requesting nor was I obliged to have, hold, possess or carry them in law.

I had also stated to them that even if I had a birth certificate which I don’t that I have been informed that a birth certificate is not a valid proof of identity and it clearly states this on birth certificates “It is NOT evidence of the identity of the person(s) presenting it.” I did not have a birth certificate or any of the other documents they requested at the time such as a passport.

Eventually I had a meeting with someone from the HR department who had previously told me they would provide a list of other documents that would be acceptable instead. They didn’t mention any other documents in the meeting but just kept asking for the same documents I had already told them I didn’t have or had misplaced.

I asked several times what law requires me to possess any of the documentation they were requesting or to do any of this and each time they avoided the question like the plague, and were unable to tell me what law.  "Silence can only be equated with fraud when there is a legal and moral duty to speak or when an inquiry is left unanswered and would be intentionally misleading.”

Eventually they simply said that it was company policy and provided me with a booklet detailing the Right to Work policy of the company. I kept asking what other documents I could bring instead, but they were unable to mention any.  “You have to reveal the terms of any contract and if formally noticed and questioned about the liabilities imposed by said contract, you must answer. Otherwise there is no duty.”

I also mentioned that I had already given my national insurance number to them when I first started working there and it is stated on the pay slip they give me every four weeks. If I wasn’t able to provide them with this when I first started working there almost 10 years ago they wouldn’t have been able to make deductions for tax and national insurance all these years so its absurd that they are requesting this again. What have they done with the original information I provided when I first started working there?

The booklet they provided stated that they should sit down with each worker and go through the information with them and explain everything. The company I work for has not done this with anyone that works there. They just bombard you with emails and expect you to bring in documents you don’t even possess. This is harassment. The last time I checked this wasn’t Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union it’s Great Britain! Their right to work policy booklet also says that the documents checks are for “potential new” employees before they start work. I am not a “potential new” employee, I have been there almost ten years now, and started working there a considerably long time ago, so I clearly shouldn’t have even been asked.

In one of the emails I was sent by someone at the company requesting this, they stated that there was no suggestion that I didn’t have the right to work. If there’s no suggestion that I don’t have the right, why do I need to prove that I do, and why are the company harassing me for things that are not lawful anyway? There is a legal maxim that “One who does not deny admits”. If no law has been broken, no crime committed, no life lost, no freedom breached, no property damaged, no rights infringed, then why is the company I work for harassing me like Gestapo agents for documentation when I have worked there almost ten years? I am being treated like a common criminal and interviewed by wannabe detectives from HR without any justifiable reason and contrary to the common law of the land.



When I read through the document it shows that a Statutory Declaration would be acceptable, so I went to a solicitors, paid the £5-00 fee and did the declaration, which was witnessed and signed to state who I was, my nationality, name and to show I have the right to work here. I was unable to provide any of the documents they were requesting at the time so could only give them the Statutory Declaration confirming my identity and nationality as well as a copy of my driving license. They took copies of these and said that they were fine after consulting with other people within the company.

Now a year later they have come back to me and said that the Statutory Declaration (a legal document) isn’t acceptable and not valid and they need my national insurance card from when I left school. I left school almost 20 years ago and doubt very much I have this anymore. I have since found my passport, which expires next year, which I have said I will bring instead. This clearly seems like a follow up check, which is only meant to be for people who do not have a permanent right to work in the country, according to their own policy booklet. I do have a permanent right to work here, have provided them documentation, which they accepted as being valid in August 2009, yet I am still being harassed for more a year later and suffering detrimental treatment.

I would like to ask the question, if the company I work for doesn’t believe that the Statutory Declaration Act of Parliament that allows you to make a Statutory Declaration is valid and they are not willing to accept my Statutory Declaration, which is a valid legal document, then how on Earth can they believe that the The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act is any more valid? It seems like the company I work for is picking and choosing which legislation and Acts of Parliament they are going to follow and which they are going to blatantly ignore despite their own company policy saying that Statutory Declarations are accepted.

Also why has it taken them almost a year to suddenly decide that a valid legal document witnessed under oath and counter signed by a solicitor is not an acceptable proof? And why was it acceptable proof to them a year ago something which they double-checked with other people in HR and the Legal department? A Statutory Declaration is a powerful legal document taken under oath and penalty of perjury.

Why do they regard a birth certificate as valid proof of identity when it apparently states on birth certificates that it isn’t a valid proof of identity? This is absolutely absurd and half-witted policy.

They want me to produce a worthless piece of paper I don’t have namely a “birth certificate” that isn’t proof of identity or relate to the individual presenting it, and believe a legal document that is proof of identity and does relate to the individual presenting and is taken under their oath and penalty of perjury isn’t valid.

I believe the HR department of the company I work for are clearly incompetent and don’t know what they are doing, but I’m not surprised by this given all the legislation and regulations they have to comply with, especially this ridiculous Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act. The only thing this Act is serving to do is to constrain the law abiding, and cost business a lot of time and money in the process.

Why is this idea important?

I don’t carry any form of id as its against my belief and the bible specifically warns against it; that there will be a future time to come when all mankind will be enslaved under a one world government and will need to have a chip in their right hand or head in order to live. R 13:16 14:9 16- 19- 20-

I lawfully don’t obey any acts of parliament or statutes (government legislation) of the current government as they are all de facto and treasonous in nature and there is no punishment stipulated in law for refusing to obey or comply with a de facto government or grossly negligent government agents. It’s my understanding that the present UK government is de facto only and not de jure, that all acts of parliament passed in this country since 1972 have been treasonous rules of a foreign power (the E.U.) and that its my lawful duty not to comply with any of them as per the Bill of Rights.

Parliament has no lawful authority ever to breach, surrender, lend or transfer (even temporarily) sovereignty except when conquered in war and that hasn’t happened since 1066, and even then the other party had some claim to the throne. Agreements made on behalf of the United Kingdom by traitors to the United Kingdom do not bind the people of the United Kingdom. I can honourably refuse to be bound by agreements made by traitors it’s a duty under the law. Common Law which applies to all living souls is: We are free to do what we please, as long as we do not infringe on the life, liberty, property, or rights of another. The United Kingdom is a common law jurisdiction.

If someone tries to coerce or trick anyone else into believing that an act of parliament or statute is a law then they would in actual fact be breaking the law themselves and I believe this would fall under the common law crime of attempting to defraud and quite possibly misfeasance and treason too. A Company’s legal dept have a duty to distinguish between statutes and law and if an attempt were made to enforce statutes against a free man, the Company would in fact be falling foul of the law.

If anyone at the Company says that law requires these documents then the onus is on the Company to provide the burden of proof. False representations equal fraud.

Birth certificate, passport and national insurance are not proof of identity. I believe it even states this on birth certificates.

It seems to me that this Act is actually itself against the Common Law of our realm on a number of levels, the first and most important being Habeous Corpus. The company despite their words seems to be assuming guilt and requesting that I prove my G-d given unalienable common law birthrights and freedoms, and is harassing, detaining and interviewing me against my will, trespassing against me, and threatening livelihood through dismissal if I don’t produce my papers.

If no breach of the peace has occurred and I have done no wrong, why am I being treated like this? The Act also discriminates religiously, reduces freedom and civil liberties and is just one more nail in the coffin for democracy and one more regulation of an overbearing soviet-like police state that spies on its people. The last 13 years of Labour government has wrecked the nation and brought Britain closer to an Orwellian World and the people further into the Matrix.

Please would you be able to raise my concerns and tell me if it would be possible to repeal this act, and if not, why not and what remedies are you offering for people like myself in dealing with these clueless contradictory entities such as the HR department at the company I work for and the mindless legislation of a big brother government?

Do you expect people who no longer travel abroad using a passport to go out and renew or buy a new passport when the price is £80 or £90 just to give these documents to the company they work for to comply with big brother legislation?

This harassment for documentation isn’t lawful and it is a presumption of guilt or wrongdoing, which is against our Law and Habeas Corpus. The last time people were forced to show their papers in Europe, six million innocent Jewish people were massacred in the holocaust.

Please also bear in mind that documentation can be forged and identity can be stolen which is known as “identity theft”. My identity is not in question, nor my nationality. I claim that the identity of My Self is forever possible to establish correctly by my Presence as a living, breathing, freeman and sentient human being with a Spirit together as may be necessary by sworn attestations from friends, family, and other associates, or by way of Statutory Declaration or Affidavit. Furthermore I claim that this supersedes any necessity to obtain or carry any form of external token such as an Identity Card for any lawful purpose of establishing my true identity for the simple reason that no such token can ever represent the sovereign Spirit with which I am thus blessed.

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