The European Eagle Owl is a European Species and has every right to be in this country, they were hunted to extinction by the Victorians and are now slowly returning, it is correct that some of these owls are escapees from irresponsible people who should not have had them in tthe first place but who can prove which are captive escapees and which are wild, no one.

The persecution of birds of prey in this country is a national disgrace and is out of control with very few prosecutions being made against the vile people who enjoy shooting and poisoning these birds, mainly because the landowners who make thousands of pounds a year from the shooting fraternity  feel that these birds are a threat to their pockets.

The punishment for the persecution of birds of prey should be much harsher, we cannot condemn the people of Malta and their disgraceful behaviour against birds when it is happening here under our noses.

Defra cannot condone a cull of one species, The Eagle Owl, which in fact lives mainly on Rabbit without giving every trigger happy bird of prey hater the impression it is okay to kill birds of prey, the arguments put forward against the Eagle Owl do not hold water as has been proven and the answer to things seems to be if you don't like it shoot it, this is totally unacceptable.

Why is this idea important?

The notion that the Eagle Owl is an alien species is wrong, people who have studied and worked with these owls have not been approached for their opinions and already this year FERA tried to sneak a Risk Assessment through with regard to these birds without any consultation with these knowledgable people. It is important that all the correct facts are gathered form the right people before any desicion to kill any wildlife is made, it is morally wrong.

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