Shorthold tenancies were supposed to aid both tenant and landlord. They do not. In the most important aspect of all, that of disclosure, they aid only the landlord.

Currently both parties sign a shorthold tenancy agreement. Once a tenant moves in, if the they discover something which makes living in the property unbearable, the tenant cannot move out without financial penalty unless they find a replacement tenant. This is wrong. There should be a one month cooling-off period where the tenant can leave the property without penalty (provided of course they have paid rent for the month) if they discover something which was not disclosed to them. Whether the landlord was aware or not. It is the landlords duty to ensure the property is habitable both physically and otherwise.

Why is this idea important?

Too many tenants are being exploited by unscrupulous landlords knowingly letting properties which have noisy neighbours or some defect or other. On such occasions, there is little or no protection for the tenant. The local council can do nothing, I know, I tried.

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  1. Oh this is VERY interesting.

    Could this be linked to the Consumer Protection Act? Is it already?

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