Under the Violent Crime Reduction (VCR) Act the last government saw fit to harm the interests of the lawful majority by banning (amongst other things) the sale of blank firing weapons. The thinking behind this is absurd and this section of the law should be rescinded.

Why is this idea important?

Along with additional controls on air weapons and plastic toy guns, the last government saw fit to ban the purchase of blank firing imitation guns (with exceptions for those used to train gun dogs and war re-enactors).

The thinking behind this seems to have been that they have no 'practical use' (with the exceptions above) and that they may be used to intimidate members of the public. No thought seems to of been given to their near non-existence in the crime statistics or that some people like to collect replica weapons as curiosities or ornaments.

Furthermore, considering also that the legally available, brightly coloured guns used to train dogs can be repainted (a trivial task) this seems to be an exercise in futility with no regard to the interests of the majority who acquire and process these items lawfully.

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9 Replies to “VCR Act – Blank Firing guns”

  1. Common sense isn’t very common, I recently purchased a dog training blank and as you say..a spraycan and it is black.
    Now I find myself interested in all things mechanical,cars, planes helis, I build/fix all above in model versions, why cant I keep a collection of inert Works of Art on my walls?
    And Blank firing guns can be usefull(safety) in mountains and at sea for setting off flares.
    Repeal this section, I agree.

  2. The laws in this country (uk)are a joke as I myself enjoyed collecting the blued blank guns

  3. If the law properly prosecuted those who used firearms or replica firearms in criminal activities and left law-abiding citizens to enjoy owning and using such guns safely and legally, I for one would have more respect for the law.
    UK law is too stupid for words, ie. I can legally buy a Russian made CO2 Makarov pistol that fires steel BBs in original gun blue but if I buy a lot metal Makarov that fires plastic BBs it has to be painted in a bright colour. In the USA real firearms are being made in all the colours of the rainbow, so why such a stupid law?

  4. Worse idea ever. I love collecting replica air guns with black and chrome finishes and would have loved one or two all black blank shooters in my collection. Doesn’t make any sense banning them. :-((

  5. yes totally stupid law , what harm can a blank firer do in the right hands ? all this is doing is stopping people who have a passion for collecting replica weapons enjoying them . this country is stupid and its laws are unrealistic . All this is THEM !! the powers that be , I e whoever is tying to control us and take away our freedom by using the excuse of , THE CURENT CLIMATE !! what a load of boll..cs .

  6. I can buy a deact weapon that may be able to be reactivated legally but can’t have say a replica Thompson which will never fire anything. Who are the numpties who make these silly laws.

  7. This government are a bunch of clowns, we all know this – these laws are put into place because they can’t stand the idea that normal everyday average working class people could potentially have the capability to be on equal footing with the agencies deployed by them who use brute force to keep us all in our place, stopping the normal working class society of taking back some control of the country. It’s only a matter of time before this current system is dismantled once and for all and the country is run by the hard working working class people of this country who came into this world with nothing.

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