To repeal laws that permit seizure of assets in the form of cars that they allege are parked in the wrong place or other. It should be forbidden for anyone to seize assets without due procedure and a (legal) reason. This requirement should cover all property. Parking can be controlled by the issue of parking tickets and due process thereafter in order to keep streets and public highways clear and useable. 

Why is this idea important?

This idea is self-evident in its simplicity. It is not reasonable or necessary to seize and confiscate property and demand sums of money in "fines" and "storage charges". People have been intimidated by clamping companies who seem to employ bouncer types to intimidate and threaten. This is well-documented and happens all the time.

To allow random confiscation of property and to follow this with demands for money is clearly wrong in a civilised society. It is puzzling that English law has sanctioned this practice for so long. It is doubtful if, in fact, it is legal as so often claimed.

Scotland has long ago abolished the abuse and intimidation of the public in this way.

Legislation must repeal any statutes that purport to allow confiscation and removal of cars and other property for any reason whatever. Abolition is the only way; it should be relatively simple as it is unlikely to be the subject pf primary legislation.

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