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A person should be assumed innocent unless proven guilty

Comment 15th March 2013

The Police compel people to give DNA samples when arrested and this sample is then kept on file permanently. This is wrong in a democratic country and the practise should be stopped.

Only convicted citizens of violent offences should have their DNA stored to protect other citizens and DNA from acquitted citizens should be destroyed.

Whilst there have been cases where old crimes have been solved by this practise those people whose DNA is not linked to any crime should be removed from the database.

The Criminal & Justice Police Act 2001 & Criminal Justice Act 2003 should be repealed or replaced.

Why does this matter?

No state should keep a DNA database of its free citizens. This is a massive erosion of a citizen's right to privacy.  Whilst it is a good idea to keep track of violent offenders it is wrong and unlawful to store DNA records of those citizens who have no convictions.

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