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Abolish Sunday Noise Pollution

Comment 15th August 2010

To allow every human being the right to some peace and quiet for one day in thier working or non working lives. Having worked a very long week and looking forward to the weekend, Saturday is taken up with shopping trips, house and garden chores, but sunday used to be and should still be a Rest Day. A day out of time to reflect on our family to bond and to remember our purpose in life. A day to give thanks for what we have and for what the earth has given us. Now i'm not a religious man, but I do still have some respect and dignity for my family, my friends and my niegbours. However I just wish my niegbours would see my point of view on this, especially when they start up thier petrol lawn mowers and strimmers, and not to mention the military air craft screaming over head polluting my air space. Have we all gone completely mad, no wonder the earth is hitting back at us with her elements, lets give back a small part of what we take out of her, and take time to reflect on our real purpose in life, remember that we create our own reality in life, need I say more.

Why does this matter?

To reflect on our past our present and our future, not to be distracted by noise pollution. Have repect for those that are closest to us, so as to change the energy from manic to peaceful if only for one day.

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