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Allow flexibility in smoking legislation

Comment 2nd July 2010

Smoking legislation has already gone too far with pressure from non smokers to go even further.

It is surely not unreasonable for smoking to be allowed in pubs/clubs where the landlords or club members agree and make appropriate arrangements for non smoking staff and customers or make it clear to potential customers, club members and staff that smoking is permitted on the premises. This total lack of flexibility has ruined pub life for all smokers and many non smokers who have never complained about smoking in pubs but are now frustrated by all their smoking friends disappearing to the "naughty step". I personally don't know any non smokers that have started using "proper" pubs since the smoking ban but I know many smokers that no longer go to pubs, including my wife. No wonder the pub trade has suffered so badly.

I get the impression that some non smokers would even like to ban smoking in your own garden in case the smoke drifts into a neighbour's garden or that children may be able to see into the garden where the smoking is taking place.

The way things have gone, I can see myself having to stand behind a screen in my own garden or having to close the curtains in my own house when I am smoking.

There has got to be some room for live and let live.


Why does this matter?

To try to recover the decline of the "proper" British pub which is part of our culture and to allow some element of choice in our lives and to stop the relentless march of Big Brother.

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