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Britain is noxious for motorhomers.

Comment 20th July 2010

Modern motorhomes are expensive and self-contained units usually owned by retirees with disposable income. They are not inhabited by itinerant poor gypsies looking to steal, beg or otherwise commit anti-social acts.

Travelling around Europe there is generally a welcome to be found. Motorhomers spend money in local businesses and for the most part maintain high standards of environmental respect.

This is not the case in the UK. Civil liberties for motorhomers in the UK are the lowest in Europe. There is general mistrust and a feeling that they are not wanted.

UK highway parking infrastructures are also almost the worst in Europe. There is a dearth of stopovers See the lorries parked up for a rest immediately adjacent to the highway with other lorries shaking them as they roar past a few inches away at high speed.

See motorway services politely informing the customers of their for the most part sordid and overpriced facilities that if they park for over 2 hours a 60 pound charge will be levied.

See the lack of overnight-allowed parking facilities in towns where the car parks are empty from 5 pm until 9 am – precisely the times motorhomers would like to use them.

Modern motorhomes are self-contained. They have their own waste carrying facilities and have virtually no negative environmental impact.

I'm afraid that my idea of a motorhome holiday is to head for Dover and breath a sigh of relief as I land in France and feel that my presence will not be resented/break the law.

Yet I would love to explore my own country and spend my hard earned savings in British pubs, restaurants and shops. 

But I feel a foreigner in Britain. So I will continue heading for Dover.

Please change the law to make appropriate parking by motorhomes feasible and possible in this otherwise green and pleasant land.

Bill Harrison, MA (Oxon), Solicitor (Retired).

Why does this matter?

Because it's time Britain realized that it is not the home of freedoms, at least for motorhomers.

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