There are a great number of laws which are environmmentally unacceptable. A review of all laws should be undertaken and an environmental impact study conducted for each law to determine its environmental impact . Some laws may only need minor revision to the wording with guidelines added, other will need to repealed totally. Most of the laws of Britain were written in unlighted times when the environment  was not considered to be of any importance.

Why is this idea important?

The removal from the statute books of laws that destroy rather than improve the environment and sustainability of Britain and the planet Earth is essential and will go along towards reversing the unsustainable lifestyle that Britain presently enjoys.

The exercise will also draw attention to the need for law makers to be aware of the environmental needs of the planet when drafting any legislation. Any legislation must be accompanied in the future by an environmental impact study carried out by a scientifically qualified group of experts. Laws that are put into place which allow the uncontrolled destruction of the enviroment does cost the tax payer billions of pounds to repair assuming that the damage caused  is not irreversible.

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