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Curb excessive RSPCA powers; rationalise animal protection

Comment 10th July 2010

Repeal the Act that gave RSPCA its current powers to prosecute: it is a pressure group not a government enforcement agency. Reconsider requirements for domestic pet owners.

Why does this matter?

We are protecting wild life that is not endangered and putting off people from owning pets. One facet of this is the KGB-like powers of the RSPCA and their use of informants. Another is requiring owners to seek vet care for animals. They are not humans, they deserve to be treated humanely but the fear of being prosecuted by RSPCA stops older people who have limited incomes from getting the support of a companion animal. The list of things you have to do to be seen by RSPCA as treating a cat or dog properly is crazy: at the same time we condone battery hen houses because we like cheap chicken meat.

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