While I am certain that everyone agrees on the need for an effective police force, I do feel that their powers need to be curbed as they have had to much discretion given them under labour to dole out fines and issue cautions without due process having taken place. I beleive that in this country when accused of a crime one is meant to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, and it is the job of the police to find enough evidence to secure a conviction, not to become judge and jury as well.

And as has been reported on the news of late, the apparent disregard they themselves have for the law when controlling peacefull protests etc leaves a lot to be desired, thinking of the death of innocent bystanders here, and yet they always seem to get away with it., often with complete disregard and contempt against anyone who should dare to even question their apparent complete lack of morals.

Why is this idea important?

I beleive my idea is important as it will allow the current government to address the poor decisions taken by Labour over the whole process of what the police are and are not allowed to do, and to rebalance the states, and particularly the polices interference in the daily lives of the electorate. As well as getting rid of what has, again under labour, a society edged toward becoming a police state.

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