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Drinking Alcohol in Public – Make it ILLEGAL.

Comment 7th July 2010

Making alcohol illegal on all public streets, roads and parks. Anyone calght drinking out in public should be arrested or issued with a heavy fine.

Why does this matter?

I drink alcohol  and there is nothing better then having a good, cold pint on Friday & Saturday nights. But these teenagers of today who misuse alcohol are setting a bad example. I don't think it is cool seeing a 14 year old drunk because he wants to be seen as a hard man – I think it is pitiful and sad.

Because of their underage drinking binges; the age limit on buying alcahol in supermarkets/shops has gone up and I think it is a sham for normal 18 year olds who can control their intake of alcohol.

If the Govenment makes alcohol illegal on all public streets, roads and parks ,not only would it help to cut binge-drinking but would also help to lower crime and anit-social behaviour.

I think this idea is worth to be considered.

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