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Equality for all regardless of Religous Denomination

Comment 1st August 2010

I would like to be as equal as you. I would like my son to be an equal to you.

But we are not, we by religous denomination are not extended the same rights and freedoms as you and yours.To be Catholic in your 21st Century modern society where equality issues are dominant in your social policies, is to be invisible.The great undiscussed. The only religion where the law of the land itself discriminates against you rather than society itself .It is easily solved. Repeal the Act of Settlement and do it willingly under the grounds that we are all equal and that my son should have the right to stand shoulder to shoulder with yours on the steps of Downing Street.

Why does this matter?

We cannot stand together without true equality existing. Equality makes you a ligitmate member of society ,and yet by allowing this law to exist you put limitations on one religous group. The act is specific disrimination which would be very hard to defend in a modern court forum as anything other.As a Government you are clearly aware of this discrimination and yet on a daily basis you choose to ignore it. It will exist until you choose to act upon it, but it will not simply disappear.You can bring yourself closer to true equality by giving Catholics the same rights as you.

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