Fools Gold

Hello, I am autistic. In real terms, day to day, this means that I am an annoying character. It is difficult to hold down a job because I am so rude and annoying. This rudeness is like a tick, similar to the uncontrolled swearing which is popluarised by tourettes people.

When I use cannabis, this problem goes aways and I am able to lead a normal productive life.

However, being autistic and poor, it is nearly impossible to maintain a decent supply.

Don't bother telling yourself that I am insane and that I don't know which medicines to take. Walk 38 years in my shoes if you want an opinion on my health, fitness, food and medical needs. If you don't believe me, google it. We are rude, but we are not liars.

We consider the restriction of our supply of medicine to be a hostile act towards us, peace-loving people who want nothing more than to be free to express our peaceful sides, whatever it takes.

We fear that that you wish to harm us with your laws. Therefore, all who support the criminalisation of Cannabis are Terrorists who are aiming their terror campaign at some of the most vulnerable members of your society.

While we are at it, the surest way to create terrorists is to restrict food and medicine supplies in someone else's county. Isn't that obvious?

Sorry to be so rude. Please hurry up with the medical research, don't let the cost put you off.

Draconian Drug laws are fuelling theft, murder, suicide and paranoia throughout the world. Please consider legalising all Drugs, or at least allow individual countries to decide for themselves.

Why does this idea matter?

The idea isn't important. It's CORRECT.

I will happily discuss with anyone in power how best to manage the human race if general advice is required. I believe that's why we (the autists) are here.

A quick reminder / reality check:

You CAN eat people.
Not one single person on earth should be eaten by another if an alternative is available.

Money is NOT real.
Food IS real.
People ARE food.
Only female humans can innately manage food flow. Males should not attempt this task.
Drugs ARE food.
Humans ARE animals.
All animals are able to choose their own correct foods without government intervention.

You ARE all cannibals, get over it and feed each other properly.
Everyone in the Developing world KNOWS that the Developed world are eating them via the 'unchallengeable' mechanism of money. They don't like it one bit and they are always looking for a way to restore balance (often violently!). Please understand that money is the river not the fish. Money can flow wherever we want it to, and if we use it intelligently, we will all be richer, rather than waiting for a destruitive and messy global revolution (est winter 2012), pre-emptive sharing and freeing up of global resources would be a wise way to proceed.

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