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‘Hate’ crimes

Comment 2nd July 2010

I think all 'hate' legislation should be repealed.

Why does this matter?

In a democracy, all speech should be acceptable, including so-called 'hate speech', and sentences should not depend on motive. I reserve the right to hate (or love) whoever I want for whatever reason I want. (That does not give me the right to harass/hurt/kill anyone whom I hate.)

Hate laws effectively create a multi-tiered legal system, whereby a crime committed against a homosexual, Jew, Muslim, Afrian or any number of supposedly 'hated' groups consitutes a more serious crime than against a white heterosexual Briton, and thereby deserving of a harsher penalty. This is not justice, but favouritism.

Furthermore, 'hate' is an emotion, and the state has no business telling me or anyone else how I should feel about anything. It is a slippery slope – how long before the emotion becomes the crime? Hate crime = thought crime.

The following have been investigated by the police in recent weeks:
– a hotel owner criticising the behaviour of the 'prophet' Mohammed;
– a man who criticised homosexual behaviour who was overheard by a policeman;
– two Christian preachers giving out Christian literature in a 'Muslim area'.
Considering the soaring violent crime rate, do the police not have 'real' crimes to be investigating rather than perceived hurt to minority feelings?

In a truly free society all subjects are equal under the law, free to say what they want, live as they want (within the bounds of the law), and, yes, hate whoemever they want. Please repeal these unnecessary and destructive laws.

Thank you.

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