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2 Comments 18th July 2010

The creation of the IPP sentence was made in haste and, in my opinion without any thought. The prison and probation services did not, and still do not have the resources to manage or help these offenders reduce their risks. On top of that you have a parole board which is not fit for the job it is meant to do and the cost of all this is mind boggling.

The IPP sentence should be replaced by a more robust use of the extended sentence system. We should allow judges to set the time any offender should be on licence i.e a 3 year sentence could be followed by a ten year licence(dependant on seriousness of offence and risk). With offenders who have not completed any course in custody given the time in the community. Failure to comply would mean being recalled with a further time in custody set by the parole board or similar body with recommendations on what they should do prior to release.

Why does this matter?

This would reduce the amount of offenders "stuck" in custody with no prospect of release. It would probably save alot of money.

It is obvious that the IPP sentence does not work and a review would enable the ministry of justice to look at better alternatives.


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2 Responses to IPP SENTENCES

  1. matt gordon says:

    ipp sentences are ridiculous, i had a friend who was done for ABH 3 times in a year and as you know ABH can be anything from a scratch broken nose to a broken jaw in his case he was an alcoholic and just use to get into drunken punch ups with other drunk people, he was given a ipp sentence he served 3 years and was never able to complete courses because the prisons were not offering them he was a very depressed person due to his father dying and never being allowed out to the funeral in the end he killed himself by hanging in my opinion he didn’t deserve an ipp sentence but he payed the price for silly politicians who have no idea what there doing very sad.

  2. carole wilkins says:

    my son is an ipp inmate his sentence was ment to b 3 yrs that was back in 2017 now he sits in his cell 10 yrs later in December, he has 1 course to do an the prison he is in do NOT do courses at all, his due for his 4th parole next yr in October but the prison tells him they do NOT intend to move him until after his parole has been an gone his solicitor isn’t doing ANYTHING to help this move along for him nor is his probation officer, ABH GBH was his crime in my eyes it was self defence but the police an judge say differently, the whole point of this sentence is to punish the inmate yes ok he agreed he deserved a sentence but IPP never. his never hurt or touched a child or woman so y give him the IPP ? no date so that means no future he was only 21 wen he was kidnapped by the courts he is now 31 an still no nearer to the gate then he was back then

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