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Reducing administrative burdens

1 Comment 27th July 2010

We've heard some very inflammatory statements about the "administrative burden" in some areas of the N.H.S. but there are large industries growing up around Health & Safety Law, Human Rights, Political Correctness, Compensation Culture etc. employing a myriad of non-productive and irrelevant people jumping onto bandwagons.

It is now time that there is a responsible and objective review of all laws in these areas.

It cannot be right that if I ask for a black coffee I am accused of being a racist! What happened to "being responsible for your own safety" as described in H.A.S.A.W. Act? I hope my grandchildren will play conkers! All women shortlists irrespective of talent and capability!

Why does this matter?

Things could get out of hand. Sure as eggs are eggs there will be backlashes.

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One Response to Reducing administrative burdens

  1. J. Tunley says:

    When are councils & businesses going to ‘Wake-Up?’ to the MINEFIELDS in their areas? HSE could do with agents to operate on a similar basis to Mystery-Shopper X ‘Open All Hours!’ Many MAJOR stores are ‘DISASTERS X DEATH-TRAPS’ the way they put the lives of EVERYONE @ RISK, through (a)Failing to provide a safe en-vironment for visitors i.e. staff, contractors &/or customers to their store.(b)Emergency Exits – LOCKED,(c)OB STRUCTED,(d)TOTALLY INACCESSIBLE i.e. with PALLET LOADS of GOODS brought into store on ‘Dolly’ &/or ‘Forklift’ & @ least 30 Minutes PRIOR to actual CLOSING TIME! 2 Many floors are NOT of an ABRASIVE ENOUGH SURFACE to prevent Slipping during (a) Adverse Weather(b)Spillages &/or (c)Liquids’LEAKING’ from ‘CHILLER EQUIPMENT’ [One incident ‘(c)’ formed a huge POOL – ACROSS THE WHOLE AISLE i.e. 6′ by 10′, brought to attention of ‘manager?’ who did not BOTHER but said ”It’s O.K.!”

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