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Remove GPDO Rights for Mobile Telecommunication Companies.

Comment 12th July 2010

My idea is that the present government should remove Permitted Development Rights for Mobile Phone Operators and make all telecommunication applications go through  full planning procedure.The present GPDO system puts MPO companies as 'Statutory Undertakers' alongside Gas & Electricity – this is unfair.

As the majority of the mobile network was completed by Dec. 2007, having being facilitated by the then Government, now is the time to restore fairness into the planning system by leveling the playing field. I believe that the operators are already having to use full planning in some parts of the UK.

Also, I would like to see LEA's making more use of wired computer systems in schools.

Why does this matter?

Mobile phone base stations have always been resisted by quite a large proportion of residents in the Uk. Until 3G came on the scene not many people were compelled to live with these 'eyesores' right outside their bedroom windows. According to the operators these base stations are needed at about 15 metres high and about 800-1000 metres apart on average. They want them in areas where people live, near schools, nurseries and health facilities. It must be noted that 3G is, as yet, untested and not proven SAFE – (operators just say ' there is no evidence to prove that the emissions from base stations cause harm') An ever increasing number of the population do not agree. The emissions are ' pulsed microwaves and the operators have applied to OFCOM to quadruple the permitted power output to achieve 'building penetration'. Is it any wonder people are frightened and believe that the population are being used as 'guinea pigs'.At present, operators are allowed to hide behind certain 'guidelines' – International Commision Non Ionising Radiation Protection or ICNIRP – and as long as a company has an ICNIRP Certificate then that means they conform to the guidelines. In fact, these guidelines are decided in Europe, are outdated and much higher in the UK than anywhere else in the world. They do not take into consideration biological effects.

As children are considered more vulnerable (thickness of skulls & absorption differences) it is little wonder that people are become increasingly more concerned about their, and their families, safety over a period of time. Increased publicity also means that they are constantly being reminded that perhaps another smoking, asbestos, CJD and Thalidomide is just around the corner.

By removing General Permitted Development Rights for operators would allow local people to question and object freely to the insensitive siting of base stations without government being seen as facilitating operators by removing the rights of local people. It would restore a natural balance back into the planning system and this is important. It would also be beneficial to remove wifi from schools and use wired systems as a 'precautionary appoach' to the safety of children.

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