Remove Religion from all State Activities Including Education


There should be a complete separation between the state and all religious views. This should be particularly applicable in education. No state pupil should be taught any religions ideology unless they choose to study religion.

In the 21 century, the state should operate and make decisions about the use of tax-payers money on the basis of objective, evidenced reason. Objective reason should have pre-eminence over medieval-esque subservience to theism.

I support the notion of showing tolerance and sensitivity to others’ beliefs but the development of such beliefs is a private matter and should be a matter for individual choice only.

Religion should have no place in primary school education what so ever. Until a child has developed sufficient skills of interpretation, they are vulnerable to indoctrination from others’ unverifiable beliefs founded on fear and superstition that contradict the grounding in objectivity, reason and a thousand years of human inquiry that  the school years should provide.

Why does this idea matter?

I recall as a child feeling, “don’t believe at your own peril”. I don’t want impressionable children to be deliberately exposed to any superstition that would engender such fear. Rather I want them to experience the liberation that comes from confidence in their own rational thought, morality and values. 

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