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Repeal Human Rights Act

Comment 19th July 2010

This act has done nothing but add cost to running the British economy and has stopped us from controlling who lives in the UK.

Public services run scared of this act and everything from the provision of housing, schooling and health services is provided not on the basis of entitlement based on contribution to national insurance but by need regardless of whether the person is a British citizen or not. 

It is the cornerstone of the last governments failed multicultural policy. The Human Rights Act has acted as a barrier to integration and has encouraged minorities to emphasise their differences to gain preferential treatment. 

Many schools are out of control because teachers cannot discipline children. 

We cannot expel people who are a danger to the British people because other countries may have the sense to treat them like the terrorists they are.

We cannot ban the burqa, symbol of defiance to integration, because of human rights.

The European Convention on Human Rights was a response to the extermination of the Jews but it has been perverted by the legal system and has become an economic migrants charter and a shield for terrorists.  When are we going to get a government that applies a bit of common sense?



Why does this matter?

It is the major source of unfairness against UK citizens and adds hugely to the cost of running the public services.

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