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Repeal law stopping courtesy cars/buses

1 Comment 13th July 2010

2 years ago a law was passed by the last government that meant that businesses that offered a courtesy mini bus/car service were obliged to register as taxis.

We are a restaurant in a rural location several miles from the local taxi firms. We are located in the poorest  County in the country and many customers cannot afford £30/£409 for a taxi to have a meal out.  Local buses services do not run to us, we are down a country lane with no footpaths and there is no option for our customers but for them to drive. If they want to have a social drink they will stay at home instead.

We asked out Council to confirm we were able to offer a free pick up or free lift home and have been told we have to register as a taxi!.  This of course involves several hundred of pounds in costs meaning that we cannot afford it.

I cannot believe that offering a service, fully insured, that helps to discourage drink driving would actually be discouraged in this way. Environmentally, social responsibility and in every way I can think of this would help secure jobs, grow our business, help the environment and help us play a fill part in the community.

I understand some "taxi firms" abused the "courtesy" service but rather than deal with them the last government has tied the hands of legitimate small businesses from being able to compete.

It seems that if I give my customers a lift home rather than them drive I will be breaking the law as I am not a taxi!! 

Why does this matter?

It will take away an unneccesary regulation.

Allow us to invest in another service that will aid our customers, grow our business (against a very tough trading background), create extra jobs and help secure the existing ones. 

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One Response to Repeal law stopping courtesy cars/buses

  1. Robert says:

    Requiring rural pubs and restaurants, who wish to give there customers a lift home, now register as Taxi/s – is yet another no brain idea and an attack on rural communities. There are no bus services. Taxis will not come out half the time – they can make more in the City.
    The Landlord, will have to probably change his car, and pay over £2000 to just register – to take customers home.
    Another attack on rural pubs and restaurants. Driving up beer and spirit costs, waste costs and council tax. Now in my village they turn the lights out at 11pm. Great for my business, the customers cant see a thing.
    We have ben hit so hard, this Goverment can swan around London in your restaurants and pubs. But alas alas, the great rural crowd – get it in the neck again.

    It has to be looked at and given to Landlord discretion who he/she wants to take home.


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