To subsidise public transport to enable them to make improvements to their service at lower cost.

Why is this idea important?

Public transport is unreliable in many areas, and expensive in all.

Whilst public transport has improved in many ways (cleaner buses, clear, visual and audible instruction as to which stop is being approached, and addition of reading material eg Metro), it is still expensive.

A 1 and a half mile journey on the bus, which might equate to 15p in petrol costs is charged at £2.

An 80 mile return journey equivalent to around £16 in petrol costs comes to £40 off peak, or £140 peak time on the train.

Public transport will never be as convenient as driving your own car, but there should be a greater incentive to use it.

If more people used public transport it would reduce congestion and be a large step towards achieving targets for CO2 emissions.

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